Sunday, July 27, 2008

Are we adding weight on the wrong side

How do I turn a blind eye?Even if I manage to do it, how can my heart?How can my conscience?

If there is any thing more common than people farting and burping, it seems it is common people getting killed in such insane blasts.If I say that the next victim could be any of you or myself, you know that I am not exaggerating, infact, far from it.

No I am not as such afraid of death.
Nor do I think you are.After all, death can be such a relief from life.But what haunts me is the possibility of dying such a senseless cheap death.
That I may become victim of such insanity, and that my death will bring a smile on those insane peoples' faces and a sense of victory to them.
Ahhh..such a terrible thing ..that my death will bring sense of victory to mad people.I would rather live than die such a death.
We have always pondered about 'meaning of life', 'Life should make sense' etc.I feel death too should make sense.There was a time when I felt that I should end my life cause I didnt see any purpose in living.
But I realised that even dying needs a purpose and death too should make sense unless it happens naturally.Infact, even when it happens naturally I think its purpose is to send us to different plane of existence.
But unnatural deaths cant send us to that different plane of existence because one's life is being grabbed before one is 'eligible' spiritually to to be in that plane.It is like plucking an unripe fruit.

The dead are dead.I cant feel sad for them because they dont exist now.Life must be hell for those who are incapacitated or impaired cause of these blasts.
Interestingly media only highlights the number of people who are dead.And it is ridiculous number of deaths become a yard stick for a blast's intensity.
Are we trying to say that it is 'ok' if one or two die, but not ok if 50 die?Huh???
And though I have never felt, fortunately, the agony that fills our life when we lose our loved ones, I can quite well understand how one feels.
A father whose son dies in a battle field will digest his son's death easily than one whose son dies in such bloody blasts.I am not sure what the hell do those mad dogs want to achieve by doing all this?
And to make matters disgusting, such things are always politicised and the opposition says the current government is incapable of dealing terrorism.Which govt was anyway?
The degree of insanity in these politicians is more than those who plot the bombs.
I dont hate the terrorists, and the bigger terrorists(the preachers who successfully fill young vulnerable minds with filth).You cant hate insane people.You can only pity them.
And pity those who make such insane people politicians and religious leaders.Thus, pity ourselves.

But Fuk the so called 'Religions' and religious doctrines.Fuk the education system which moulds innocent children to mad dogs.
Fuk the parenthood that cant raise children and that cant feed them with sanity and not just dal and chawal and roti and cadburys n pizzas n burgers.
Dont give birth to children if you cant make them someone who would make this world a better place.Use condoms.
Parents of such insane children(made insane by the 'system') should realise that they too have a role in such blasts, they too are in a way, terrorists.
The law should not only charge the person who puts the bomb and the one who develops the plot, and their religious leader, but their parents too, and if possible find out the schools in which they studied, and bring their teachers and charge them.
Otherwise how will parents and teachers feel responsible?How can our law be oblivious of such an obvious thing?

Tightening the intelligence and security etc are band aid fixes.Is not every taught about 'root causes'?Anyway bandaids in India are of very poor quality unlike those in US.(With due apologies to all my patriotic friends reading this).
Ahhh..looks like there are more insane people roaming freely in this world, than those who are locked inside mental asylums.
Infact, it seems we are just on the other side of the wall dividing a big mental asylum into two portions, a small one and a big one.And we are in the big one.
And we are not at all insane, we are maniacs.And we are more dangerous than those insane people in that small portion.Mania is dangerous than insanity.Cause mania cannot be diagonised nor is it consistent.
Such a terrible realization!

One may say, dont blame the goverment, govt means people.You are a responsible citizen of this country.If you are so moved by these things why dont you join politics and make things better?
Or if not politics, join civil services etc..and do something.I don't have an answer.I am just not interested in saving people from mad dogs in the guise of humans.I just want to save my azz.
I have different dreams.I want to lead a cool life far from this madness.Enjoy beauty.Read books.Have fun.I want to make sure that while I am not gonna play a 'super man' or a 'spider man' or for that matter 'Krish',..sorry..'Krishh'..,I dont want to contribute to all this terrorism.Thus I choose to stay aloof and live in my fantasy land...till the death of a dear friend or a loved ones rocks my life.correct?
Or may be even after that I wont do anything, I will just send mails 10 times longer than this and go back to sleep?Will I?

Or ..wait...a thought occured to me just not my 'inaction' a kind of 'action' which is indirectly supporting this 'mania' called terrorism?Oh..another terrible realisation.
I am put in a situation where there is nothing called as 'Neutral' stand.It is digital...binary..only 0 and 1..nothing in between.Who put me in this situation?
Either I contribute to terrorism by my 'inaction' or I am against it by some other action.
I am on a see-saw, either I add my weight(however insignificant it might be) this side or that side.By being 'inactive' am I adding weight on the wrong side??


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sankar said...

He hee nice article

tell me one one thing

are your parents pure...........

if yes

ne lanti kamandudhi ela kannaru vallu

anavasaram gaa puttavu vallu C****M vadunte saripoyidhe

ne lanti lanja koduku vache vadu kadhu e lokam lo ki

any ways

wait i will take revenge

u have to say why was i born