Monday, October 25, 2010

a dew drop struggling to stay on the leaf of life
or a soul torn by morals at strife?
tears of rust hidden beneath the smile of gold

or a coward inside and outwardly bold?
a been there done that seen all know all

or an arrogant tree, being axed by axe of vanity, oblivious to its own fall?
a well shot arrow flying towards its aim

or a sluggish bow, inert and tired of the game?
a perennial river with a life beyond time

or a muddy pond that isn't in its prime
a dawn, full of hope and promises

or a dusk , capable of nothing but reminiscences
a rock rooted stubbornly , solid and immortal

or a bubble at wind's mercy, frail and ephemeral
the hypocritical, arrogant and wicked me

or the honest, thoughtful and kind me?

which me do you want to know about?